Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Lay Out A Plan to Grow Higher This Year

As we listen to his word, let it make us grow spiritually like never before. May it make you see the face of God this year.The Lord does nothing without revealing his plans to his prophets. God makes it clear that he reveals his plans to his prophet.

Sometimes in order for your life to go accordingly it needs God to reveal your life to a prophet. Some have businesses but because it has not been revealed to a prophet it shall not go accordingly.

Before a person becomes Apostle or any of the five whole ministry he or she needs a prophet to reveal their character.

Even the book of Genesis what God did it needed a prophet to reveal itself. And if there was no prophet we would not have known who was there in the beginning.

The reason people do not prosper is because they are ignorant towards prophets. And in order for you to prosper you need a prophet to reveal everything to you.

It might happen you prayed to God, but in order for something to happen you need a prophet who can reveal and write the book of Genesis in your life.

When a prophet arrives nothing shall be hidden and he shall reveal everything and will make you understand who's the Alpha and Omega is.

Genesis 1

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

The Bible says in the beginning God created the heaven and Earth. People knew who created the heaven and Earth but they were not sure who is this God. In order to know who this God is you need a prophet to reveal it for you.

A true prophet before he reveals the plans of God, he first reveals who God is. Before a person see God's blessings he/she first see the face of God in their lives. See God's Revelation for you

Many people when they have a prophet In their lives everything shall change in theirs. When there is a prophet in your life he brings a new beginning.

A prophet will put your plans aside and put the book of Genesis(the beginning) in your life and everything shall change and go accordingly.

The devil shall turn into a fool when he wants to plot in your life, because we have the power of God, the book of Genesis( the beginning) in your life.

We must put Genesis(the beginning) and the presence of God as the foundation, so that the devil and his demons shall not shake or touch your foundation.

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