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Friday, June 6, 2008

People Talk: Proposed immunity for important members of NASS (three)

“The immunity plan for NASS principal officials sounds proper but in fact, it’s now not as the judiciary is susceptible. Nigeria is in want of superb policies however a self-serving invoice like this is not an excellent idea. “The legislature is proverbially performing the principles governing “he that holds the hoe will domesticate to himself.”
“These people are yet to receive immunity and we can’t pinpoint what they’ve finished for the us of a apart from filling their wallet and vaults with our commonwealth. “Automatically, if they're granted immunity, nothing might be left as they may control and siphon more money with out being wondered.” 

“Sadly, it has surpassed first studying. The invoice is proposed to modify Section 308 of the Nigerian Constitution. It’s the legalisation of corruption, impunity, embezzlement of public finances and unaccountability.

 “The ripple impact will be disastrous. First world nations didn’t gain what they did via soliciting for immunity, no longer even China!” –Mr. Oseh Jude, Youth Advocate “Immunity for NASS may be a completely huge mistake and I assume maximum Nigerians assume plenty from them. We to begin with hope Join Major 1  that they may perform higher than the preceding residence. “All they were clamouring for are for his or her egocentric gain and hobby, what a rustic!” -Ayomide Adebanjo, Secretary

 “We glaringly have a hard and fast of individuals with private interest at helms of affairs. Immunity for main contributors of the NASS method legalisation of corruption in Nigeria. “Most cases of corruption, cash laundering and misappropriation of funds are from this arm of executive and immunity for them method legalising corruption.” -Adewuyi Mayowa, Entrepreneur 

“I can’t fathom wherein we are heading to in this us of a. There are an entire lot of issues that we want to address in Nigeria however behold,Join My Daughter's Prophesy Hour our elected representatives are looking for immunity for essential members of the House. “What a shame and abuse of office! These peoples are simply shameless.” -Olaoluwa Farotimi, Student
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